Hahz 4k is pleased to announce the most sought after wedding video technology. What is 4K? You remember your TV screen and monitors before 1080p? The image wasn’t that sharp, the contrast wasn’t as crisp. You could even see the pixels that made a curved line look like many jigs and jags of little straight lines which were the edges of the pixels. 4K is a more than doubling of 1080p. 4K is here now and, if you choose, Hahz4k is already shooting in this new format. 4K is something for you to seriously consider for your wedding videography. It will future-proof your wedding movie.

Chiraq Atlanta Premiere

I seen the movie Chiraq last night at Phipps Plaza with a bunch of other lucky notables. I went in with low expectations based on Nick Cannons involvement like many others will.. But with in the first 5 minutes of the movie I was like ok Nick! I can bare a watching this movie. I personally think this was the best acting I ever seen from Nick Cannon. I was surprised on all the surprise famous guest appearances they had in the film that wasn’t advertised in movie trailer. We all know Samuel Jackson was going to disappoint us.

Spike Lee left no stones overturned in his effort of waking up a nation in this time of day. I give the movie 4 stars. The Liquid Soul premiere was hosted by v103’s Big Tigger.

Q Parker 112

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