Hahz 4k is pleased to announce the most sought after wedding video technology. What is 4K? You remember your TV screen and monitors before 1080p? The image wasn’t that sharp, the contrast wasn’t as crisp. You could even see the pixels that made a curved line look like many jigs and jags of little straight lines which were the edges of the pixels. 4K is a more than doubling of 1080p. 4K is here now and, if you choose, Hahz4k is already shooting in this new format. 4K is something for you to seriously consider for your wedding videography. It will future-proof your wedding movie.

Draya Michele,Delicia Cordon,Vannessa Posso and Latoia Michelle Dress Atlanta Up

Patron and celebrities were in attendance yesterday (2/25) at Seven74 boutique for an evening of shopping, cocktails, cupcakes and music.

Basketball Wives LA Draya Michele, Delicia Cordon, Vannessa Posso and Latoia Michelle introduced “Secret Kisses” & “It’s Rich Girlz” to the new Hollywood South known as Atlanta.

Check out Draya Michele and Delicia Cordon interview with v103’s Ramona Debreaux talking about their business ventures,friends and Atlanta.



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